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Sachin Nair
Mortgage & Finance Broker
0430 531 945 13 0083 2632

Sachin has been a successful Mortgage Broker for over 8 years. Regardless of his varied careers, he loves to crunch numbers and get people over the line with their loans. There is nothing this man won't do to help his clients (and we mean that), regardless of whether its relative to his brokering services or just because someone needs a hand. His standards are second to none and he will not give up without exhausting all resources, pulling any strings with his lenders and even then you bet he's still on your team to plan what needs to happen next. Needless to say, you are in good hands.

Nick Macdonald
Mortgage & Finance Broker
0421 113 045 13 0083 2632

Nick joins Finance code with 4 years of broking under his belt and a background to peak the interests of all. Having been through in the Military, currently serving in the Police Service and adding a 11-year superstar career of DJing to his resume, you know this guy is a bunch of laughs and has stories to bend you around the twist. Enjoying the social interaction in Broking and the challenges is presents give Nick a hearty side gig to his Policing. Specialising in first home buyers and construction loans, he takes pride in going the extra mile with his clients and having the highest standards of communication to help ease through the process with finesse and expertise.

Danielle O'Keeffe
Mortgage and Finance Broker
0434 801 852 13 0083 2632

Danielle comes to FC from working in the field of Superannuation. With many similarities, brokering piqued her interest and she decided to veer towards a slightly different career with a similar objective - setting up for retirement. As a young broker she aims to help people get into their first homes and start on the pathway towards a healthy property portfolio. She interested in government grants, schemes and concessions and how these can help work towards achieving people goals both financially and in life. She feels its important to grow her knowledge and that of her clients to help create understanding and plant the seed for sustainable growth, intending to work alongside them for as long as possible.

Moana Barnes
Mortgage & Finance Broker
0426 204 342

Moana comes to us with an ambition that would rival even the most successful women out there. Having started loan writing in Asset Finance, she is expanding her horizons and venturing into Mortgage and Finance Broking thank to her love for a good challenge. Building on her knowledge, she will be working alongside her client to help them purchase, refinance and expand their horizons, connecting the dots and projecting growth and positivity with clients.

Hayley Kerridge
Business Operations Manager
0433 531 948 13 0083 2632

Hayley brings to the table a strong background in Business Operations, IT, Quality and a well engrained love of challenges. The goal is to guide the growth and quality Finance Code which it is already well known for and continually improve everything about it.

Amber manages every detail of our clients' loan process and making sure the office stays in line while she does it! With a well-established background in admin, processing and business management, this is the woman to get things done. If you want a smiling assassin on your team, Amber comes with ninja stealth and meticulous precision.

Kaytlin has a strong background in Management, previously working at a large fast food chain and has poured her skills and enthusiasm into building her career in a slightly different industry. Kaytlin is on the ball with loan progress and keeping things on track, working closely with our Brokers and Amber, making her part of a dynamic team providing the best services to our clients.

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